Vour X Negative Feed Hoodie 002(BLUE)

Vour X Negative Feed Hoodie 002(BLUE)

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BRAND: Negative Feed

Shipping: 3-4 Weeks for production and shipping 

Fit: True to size


Product Description :

Vour X Negative Feed Hoodie 002 (Blue) with original images.

PROCESS: All prints are made by hand at our studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands using photo emulsion cyanotype process.

printed on vintage geo hoodie

CARE: Wash inside out in cold water either by hand or using the gentle cycle in washing machine. Use a natural detergent or no detergent; do not use detergents with phosphates, baking soda, bleach, or sodium. Do not tumble dry

Brand Description:

Negative Feed is a Netherlands Brand that incorporates unique visuals and images on different garments. They allow you to express the beauty in the images . 


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