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Product Description: TORUK are included in our RETROFUTURE line but they stand out from their sisters for being much more aggressive in their shapes and with a more daring aesthetic. They share the premium quality of materials and the VIBRAM logo on their sole, ensuring the best technology, performance and durability. They stick out for being one of our silhouettes with the greatest presence to date, with a robust midsole and undulating lines that make the TORUK a shoe that is impossible to ignore. As fresh out of Pandora, her fancy colors and patterns are inspired by the "Riders of Last Shadow." A shoe as select and special as the TORUK MAKTO themselves. In them we wanted to capture their most characteristic colors and prints, fused in a harmonious way but without losing the power and aggressiveness that represents them. In the box you will find two pairs of laces, some light and others speckled with high contrast that match perfectly with the colors of the upper.


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