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Best seller in Europe and UAE, this jacket shows a powerful story created by acclaimed Indian artist, Vikash Kalra in collaboration with specialized artisans and craftsmen who spend hours detailing the piece with hand embroidery.

The “Last Supper Jacket” replaces the image of Apostles in its namesake painting with brutalist images of drunken demons in an attempt at questioning whether even the purest amongst us, have a monster within.

With details of this work brought to life by our in-house artisans using hand embroidery and beads, the hand-workmanship on each piece takes 10 hours to craft beginning to end.

• All over print overlayed with detailing done with manual embroidery

• Almost God logo embroidery

• 6 buttons on placket

Brand Description: Almost Gods is an Indian Streetwear Brand started in 2018, which mixes the story of Streetwear with the tradition of storytelling and craftsmanship of India.

Location: India


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