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Brand: Cyb3rW3nch

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Product Description :

Adjustable unisex ""cool S"" ring in pure 925 silver, just how you remember it from your middle school notebook! Barbed wire detail added for goth points. This adjustable faux chain ring can be bent to fit almost any size. Come and get it, e-boys and girls!

Product Details

- Adjustable design, one size fits most between US 5 and US 9
- Available in silver, brass, and bronze"

Location: Delaware

Brand Description: From the rich mind of Thoth to the collaged visual data we stream into our souls — symbols, iconography, and talismans are the language of metaphysical and arcane concepts too subtle and elusive for words. Symbolic keys like material ones are expected to fit locks and open doors. Here is your collection of cracked license keys to a richer universal experience. Some keys fit many locks, some locks receive more than one key. There is no final authority. Everything that is part of the living stream evokes complex associations that can never be rigidly confined. Change transcends. You do, and so too — Cyb3rW3nch. Do not be afraid.


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