OFF-WⱽRLD Jacquard Crewneck

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Product Fit: True to Size



Product Description:

OffWRld offWRld offWRld.. where to start.. blade VRunner [nineteen-eighty-two} with the promise of “a new life’ awaiting you in the offWRld colonies… & “a chance to being again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure”.. 🗺 That sentence + visual [when advertised} on a makeshift zeppelin/on some random floating platform must’ve somehow stuck along the lines.. prolly pinpointing how and why at VERYRARE™ V®️R®® we don’t get lost in translation: we VRise on to new heights//discoVR new wVRls



Location: Paris - France



Brand Description: VeryRare is a Paris based artwear house launched dury the fury of 2020. Designed by artist Raf Reyes, each piece is embroidered with buyer's initials and unique authentication number. Because this is art, not clothes.

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