Nian Shou Sweatshirt

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Product Description:

The infamous story of the monster “Nian” is a tale that has been passed down through the generations. According to Chinese legend, in the deepest corner of the world lies a frightening mythical creature who awakes each winter to cause chaos and destroy all in his path. Our Almost Gods Nian Shou sweatshirt draws inspiration from the loud noises and use of fire the villagers gradually adopted to drive the monster away. The intensive handiwork of the red macramé thread forms a bold AG amidst the chaos present on the blue fleece sweatshirt, making you feel that much more powerful the next time you step out into the cold.=

Rib neckline & cuffs
• Macramé all over design revealing AG logo
• Blue fleece shell fabric

Brand Description:

Almost Gods is an Indian Streetwear Brand started in 2018, which mixes the story of Streetwear with the tradition of storytelling and craftsmanship of India.

Location: India



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