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Dive in and experience these super smooth unique lycra leggings. From lounging around the house with a hoodie to dressing up with a crop top, this piece will satisfy all your needs.

Location: UK

Brand Description: Westweaves represents inclusivity and freedom of expression – in addition to a bit of silliness. Founder and head designer Polly works closely with her clients designing on a one-on-one basis, making each piece original and unique to that client. Upcycle and renewal is Westweaves speciality; using the beloved clothing from clients and hunting for vintage pieces as a canvas, Westweaves skillfully breathes new life into the once tarnished and discarded clothing item. Working with the memories from their clients' anecdotes, phrases and lifestyle, creates something completely unique and bespoke, this personalization stands the test of time and is not phased by season to season ‘trends’. From crop tops and jackets to boots and dresses, they have it all and use mostly originally vintage pieces to maintain sustainability.


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