Lillac Denim Pants

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Product Description:
Stretch denim trousers, adherence shapes of the body. The garment has openings in the front and in the back. In the strap there are 2 buttons that help
to adjust the waist circumference. On the sides as decoration there are two
drawstrings that leave the sides uncovered, finally the two greave that fall
covering the shoe are supported by laces with separable metal clips.

Location: Milan

Brand Description:
Giorgiandreazza, based in Milan, founded by Giorgia Andreazza herself, approaches the made in Italy fashion sector thanks to her family roots. The creations contain a thought that describes entities, not a specific sex. The primary need of the brand is to empty the warehouse funds of Venetian and non-Venetian companies, so very often you will be able to find fabric that derives from company waste.
The garments are identified by the dynamism, by the observation filtered by art forms and by the attention to detail in a compulsive and maniacal way. A lover of transformation and evolution, deconstructed forms are mixed with high quality Italian fabrics.


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