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Surprisingly this piece finds its inspiration in a child’s drawing; a simple scribble of color blocked t-shirt. Although this is something we may be taking as common place, this design hit our team like a wall of bricks and led to the realization that the imagery which affects us most as children is also the imagery that stays with us longest in its impact.

With hand stitched color blocks, these shorts with detailing done carefully using a wooden thread by hand, are your next coziest fit.

• Hand stitched color block patches

• 2 pockets in the front

• 1 back pocket

• Elastic waistband

• Drawstring

• Woolen thread hand embroidery detailing around color blocks

Brand Description: Almost Gods is an Indian Streetwear Brand started in 2018, which mixes the story of Streetwear with the tradition of storytelling and craftsmanship of India.

Location: India


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