King Of Chemists, Rager Paradise [2020]

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Product Fit: True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment. 


Design by Raf Reyes: Self-explanatory. Honestly. The Trav tee a.k.a Jacques Webster the second a.k.a the cookup gawd, a.k.a the lab goat, coming to take us in his rager paradise. Half-faded and distressed visuals come kickin' like La Flame only can, seemingly out-of-the-frame, together but separated. Toys, texts and attraction parks themed imprints + embroideries represent his genius mind and wildest thoughts. 3M reflective VR®® VERYRARE™ logos come legitimizing the whole craft even more as all layers come responding to each other. Ladies and gents, the Trav tee packs a punch as sleeves pay hommage to your local (cookie) dealers and ubers. [it’s LIT!! straight up] One way in, no ways out: (stuff being done) the VERYRARE™ VR®® way. yeah 

Mixed media collage on garment. Digital to analog layering of 25+ visuals total (prints, embroidery, patches…). Short sleeve jersey shirt, hand-sewn with a crewneck profile, rib knit collar. Slightly cropped, relaxed|boxy fit, bio washed. Heavyweight 210gsm premium cotton fabric, made with a super combed cotton blend to achieve the softest handfeel producible. “The Three Travs” main graphic visual (front & wrap) + quotes (back) printed entirely with eco-friendly water-based inks fusing naturally with the fabrics. 3M ‘solid logo’ flocking, reflective when exposed with flashlight (front). Double needle + tonal stitching (high stitch density for smooth finish) for durability. Raf Reyes original designs ‘ÜberEats’ ‘Rage’ ‘Cookie Dealer’ ‘Lab Rat’ ’Local Rager’ (sleeves + back). 8000 stitches all embroideries total (back & front). Woven external tag. Interior label sewn specially to leave no stitch marks at the back. 

Location: Paris - France

Brand Description:  

Artwear (n.): art you can wear

Unique: limited editions of 21 units only per drop.
Premium: affordable street couture\best quality



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