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Brand: IDVDL



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Product Description:

Your aura is seen as a luminous body that surrounds your physical one. This hoodie embodies the freshness of a landscape while remarking the human aura. It includes an "aura" bracelet!

50% cotton 50% polyester hoodie with landscape tie dye treatment throughout. IDVDL colorful and white artwork at front and back.



Location: Medellin - Colombia



Brand Description:

IDVDL®️ (INDIVIDUAL) creates wearable, creative compositions.

Founded and designed by 17-year-old from Medellín, Colombia, Antonio Lugo; IDVDL is a creative endeavor with the goal of making people feel identified with each garment and take it their own way. Antonio started IDVDL at just 15 years old in 2018, and as a creative, has sought the means to expand creatively while expanding his brand, using it as a content creation utterance.

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