Frost Frill Puffer Jacket II (RED)

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Product Fit: Slim Fit

Product Description:
Long Sleeve down-filled twilled Corduroy jacket with extended arm length.
Extended Torso Length.
Embroidered cursive script.
Inset cuffs, 100% Corduroy.
Polyester trim. Full Lined

Location: New York

Brand Description: Fashioned from arduous explores, Our opulent threads illustrate the rooted identity of truly individual styles.
The brand is a culmination of "Geechi", deriving from the Gullah people, who are descendants of African griots and leaders. Rooted in inherent sentiment, the heroic influence of "Vigilantes" incite the crusade against injustices and securing self-identity. Presently, many are completely devoid of their own identity which leaves one blindly cloning the actions of the next. Geechi Vigilantes, through the illustration of our threads, are advocates for all embracing personal research to nurture their individual styles; applying discoveries to everyday life and ultimately cultivating the Culture.


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