Dystopia Jacket

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 Brand: Futura Past

Shipping: Allow up to 4 weeks for fulfillment

Product Description: 

  •   Made from heavy twill canvas jacket
  •   Corduroy-trimmed collar
  •   Arabic graphic from long-lasting paint
  •   Breathable polyester insulation for all-condition
  •  Two large lower-front pockets
  •  Folded swing back across shoulders
  •  Blank on back
  •  Fabricated in Indonesia
  • The Arabic words on our designs is for aesthetic purposes and contains no specific meaning.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia 

Brand Description: Futura Past is an up-and-coming multidisciplinary fashion house from Jakarta, Indonesia. Fueled by love of both rebellious youth and traditional menswear and womenswear, Futura Past takes inspiration from the past and alters it with a radical twist.



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