Death Crowd Knit

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Product Fit: True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.


Design by Raf Reyes: Self-explanatory. Honestly. The Trav tee a.k.a Jacques Webster the second a.k.a the cookup gawd, a.k.a the lab goat, coming to take us in his rager paradise. Half-faded and distressed visuals come kickin' like La Flame only can, seemingly out-of-the-frame, together but separated. Toys, texts and attraction parks themed imprints + embroideries represent his genius mind and wildest thoughts. 3M reflective VR®® VERYRARE™ logos come legitimizing the whole craft even more as all layers come responding to each other. Ladies and gents, the Trav tee packs a punch as sleeves pay hommage to your local (cookie) dealers and ubers. [it’s LIT!! straight up] One way in, no ways out: (stuff being done) the VERYRARE™ VR®® way. yeah

Mixed media collage on garment. Digital to analog layering of 18+ visuals total. Long sleeve woven tapestry jacquard sweater, hand-sewn with a crewneck profile, rib knit jacquard’d VR®VR®® collar + left sleeve hem. Slightly loose sleeved, relaxed|boxy fit, bio washed. Heavyweight 410gsm premium cotton\polyester mix blend/strand fabric, made with a super combed cotton blend to achieve the softest handfeel producible “Die Knit/Punk Pit” + mosh graphics loomed like in the good old times (rug+tapestry industry). Double needle + tonal stitching armpits area undersleeve jointures reinforcements (high stitch density for smooth finish) for durability. Interior satin label sewn to leave no stitch marks at the back

Named and numbered with each garment serial+drop no° purposely limited to 21 — in line with our VERYRARE™ ’quattromotto’: quality, rarity, singularity & sustainability.

True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment.

Location: Paris - France

Brand Description:

VeryRare is a Paris based artwear house launched dury the fury of 2020. Designed by artist Raf Reyes, each piece is embroidered with buyer's initials and unique authentication number. Because this is art, not clothes.


Design by Raf Reyes: high-contrast Mayhem scene, setting the right visual tone straight away. More life+crowd control/fanlove. The piece is about trance (i.e a half-conscious states nd internal-external stimuli overflow, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium), transience (i.e the state or fact of lasting only for a short time, transitoriness), living it while it lasts in critical times. Skeletal-layered bodies eerily fusing with mainstage characters, base picture referenced around album cover photos of both old and new punk rock + rap/hip-hop shows; DIE KNIT is the ultimate statement piece for your closet. This one’s for the moshpitters nd lovers of the good stuff, w punk energy on dragon. As u and VERYRARE™ really go against the grain together, this black-and-white monochromatic jacquard\woven tapestry sweater guarantees you easy pairing nd boldesttt style. Slime love all the time. SLATTT!!*

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