Couture Over Shirt

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Brand: GCDS

Shipping: Allow up to 1-2 weeks for Production and Delivery Fulfillment

Product Description:
60% Wool
30% Polyester
10% Polyamide

Location: Italy

Brand description: GCDS 🇮🇹, Italy, is an abbreviation of the phrase "GOD CAN'T DESTROY STREETWEAR." Made in Italy, GCDS has grown into one of the most coveted emerging labels, known for its ironic graphics, unique fabrications and wild capsule collaborations. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, GCDS offers a post-internet interpretation of classic streetwear staples through evocative messaging and bold designs choices. GCDS was founded in Milan, Italy in 2015 by brothers, Guiliano and Giordano Calza.



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