Cargo Pants [Cobalt]

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Brand: Casing Project

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Product Fit: True to size

Product Description:
Denim color-blocked cargo Jeans with an inset strap belt.

Adjustable calf and ankle details for easy styling adjustment between high or low top shoes.

Location: New York

Brand Description:

Casing project is a fashion label inspired by the abandoned cicada casings that decorate the trees in the early summer

Heavily influenced by workwear, the project aims to redefine work as a personal journey In pursuit of a grand dream*. Garments are made to act as armor to protect you against the often cold and crushing reality. As individuals, we live in reckless pursuit of a dream*, a potential reality we forge through our efforts. Against all adversity, we continue the path forward.

For the protection and pursuit of dreams*.
*Dream, as in, ambition, aspiration, intention, or wish.

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