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Best Buddies, Chill Empire [2020]

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Product Fit: True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment. 


Design by Raf Reyes: my go-to piece (to be fair). Lets you wanna daydream all day erryday. Stemming from an expression I took over and worked from to build the VR®® artwear around it: ‘L’Empire du Chill’ ([The Empire of Chill]). A merry-go-lucky Majin Buu and Hercules/M. Satan just b the dynamic duo that no one could outsmoke and out-chill. Being wavey as a team and besties/buddies, all-over prints come wrapping the VERYRARE™ ‘Laidback’ statement piece. Subtle tonal embroideries in pastel palettes embellish the artwear, made to be worn-winning (in line with our manifesto), whether in museums, galleries or on the couch. A Raf-coined quote (at the back), the screenplay script for the scene represented at the front is printed on the sleeve, with trademark VR®® VERYRARE™ stripes/bands earned in [Super Saiyan] combat as well. Carpe diem fam. Seize that moment. Just enjoy yo ☻

Mixed media collage on garment. Digital to analog layering of 17+ visuals total (prints, embroidery, patches…). Short sleeve jersey shirt, hand-sewn with a crewneck profile, rib knit collar. Slightly cropped, relaxed|boxy fit, bio washed. Heavyweight 210gsm premium cotton fabric, made with a super combed cotton blend to achieve the softest handfeel producible. “Best Buddies” graphic visual (front) + quote (back) printed entirely with eco-friendly water-based inks fusing naturally with the fabrics. Half-cut logo + VERYRARE™ slogan below main rectangle print, alongside corner-embroidered + framed supporting prints wrapped around the tee. Double needle + tonal stitching V and R initials (metallic blues and pinks — high stitch density for smooth finish) for durability. Trademarked VR®® bands/stripes + DBZ script for screenplay (sleeves). 12000 stitches all embroideries total (back & front). Woven external tag. Interior label sewn specially to leave no stitch marks at the back.

Named and numbered with each garment serial+drop no° purposely limited to 21 — in line with our VERYRARE™ ’quattromotto’: quality, rarity, singularity & sustainability. Carmine red silk thread embroidery used for our VR-iD artwear finish (offered at no additional costs). 

True size or slightly oversized look recommended. Unisex garment. Machine wash cold and iron inside out avoiding the print. Do not machine dry 

Location: Paris - France

Brand Description:  

Artwear (n.): art you can wear

Unique: limited editions of 21 units only per drop.
Premium: affordable street couture\best quality


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