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Design by Raf Reyes: Back in 2015, as a fresher @the University of Warwick: (UK), my very first strides in2 reAL bizness occured via the event industry. Alongside my homie/G for life Alex Neidhardt aka Neidex (DJ, founder of Access Events), we strived to cater for an underground electronic + house music niche that didn’t exist there at the time born out of a feeling of dissatisfaction/frustration with tha current offeringZ of the market vs. what we could deliver (new — more adequate_+ better). This piece is for the partygoers, the music listeners, the doers & the dreamers; it’s a testament to idea Realization/Manifestation: infused w/ the VERYRARE™mentality/V®️R®® Way, Wear it like an armor on your way to the top, or when vibin, ravin’, dancing, listening to ur fave tunes.

Location: Paris - France

Brand Description: VeryRare is a Paris based artwear house launched dury the fury of 2020. Designed by artist Raf Reyes, each piece is embroidered with buyer's initials and unique authentication number. Because this is art, not clothes.


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