Terms for selling

frequently asked questions

• Payments are made on the 2nd Friday of the month for orders made the month prior (assuming the order has shipped).

• If you earn more than $1000 on the platform, payments are made in weekly installments every Friday for orders made the month before (assuming the order has shipped).

Example Below:

Below $1000 USD- Purchase in 1st Feb, Payment made March, Friday 2.

Above $1000 USD- Purchase in 1st Feb, Payment on March Friday 1, Friday 2, Friday 3 etc.

• For made to order items, Trill will pay 50% of what is owed to the brand the Friday of the week the order was made for upfront material, and the remainder 50% on the 2nd Friday of the following month.
Pricing Variation & Commission
• We take a commission on the MSRP the brand shares with us to sell at.

• You may see a different price reflected on the site due to a dynamic pricing software used by TRILL. This additional amount is used for platform, taxes and transaction fees.

• EXAMPLE: If a brand tells TRILL the price of an item is $100, you might see the item sold for anywhere from $105-$130 depending on the size of item and where it is shipping from / to. At a 25% commission, the brand will receive a payout of $75 regardless of what it sold for on the site.
Shipping Dashboard

• Each brand will be registered with their own login information.

• Once registered, each brand will receive an email notification whenever an order comes through.

• At that point, each brand will be able to log into their dashboard and generate a shipping label to ship the product to the customer.

• If the brand is creating their own shipping labels, the brand will be prompted to enter the tracking number.
All communication will be through the two methods below.

• EMAIL: partners@trillnyc.com

• PHONE NUMBER: (877) 755-1918 (for text messaging)

Below is a glossary of keywords you can text to our new TRILL number to get information on shipping, payments, and more. International brands will still use WhatsApp.

• New Orders : Questions about new orders and how they are being communicated by the team at TRILL

• Labels : How label making works and any issues related to them

• Login : How to access your dashboard

• Dashboard : Issues with dashboard or questions

• DIY : Making your own labels

• Tracking : Tracking number

• Payments : Delays or questions on payment dates

• Production : Production concerns or need for pre production payments

• Delay : Production delays

• Inventory : Updates and changes to initial TRILL inventory

• OutofStock : Updates on Out of stock products

• NewDrop : New drops

• HelpMarketing : Help regarding marketing

• HelpOperations : Help from the operations team

• HelpOther : Any other question or concerns
Fines & Fees
• TRILL will collect information on the amount of time needed for each item to ship out to the customer. For each week the item is delayed beyond that timeframe WITHOUT proper communication with TRILL on the updated timeline, there will be a $50 penalty, AND TRILL will refund customer orders upon request with an additional $20 gift card, which will be taken out of the brand payment.

• If the brand does communicate effectively with TRILL on production delays and updated timelines, TRILL will send all customers an email with the updated timeline and an option for a full refund (if they are unable to wait).

• Brand agrees to send 'behind the scenes content', personal note / video to customers apologizing for the delay in order to humanize the experience .
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