What We Do
TRILL Labs Inc. (TRILL) is an NYC-based online marketplace which brings together 80 independent streetwear designers, 40 manufacturers,and 300K unique monthly customers from around the world to experience a more streamlined streetwear ecosystem. We help designers create operational efficiency, navigate manufacturing and supply chain relationships, and most importantly reach and transact with new consumers. On average, our ecosystem designers see a 63% sales increase after joining within 90 days of active operation. For customers, TRILL uses machine learning algorithms to make recommendations based on your browsing history and what similar people have loved. With us, customers can also shop with peace of mind in terms of payment protection and guaranteed shipping.

Who We are
Led by Founder & CEO,Rahul Tiwari, we celebrate streetwear for what it is: art. We stress quality over quantity, and individuality over trends. We're about investment pieces, upcycling, and choosing the unexpected. We like standing out from the crowd, and we think you do too. Our platform elevates independent artists and small businesses to a global audience. We're proud to represent a diverse ecosystem of creatives, and, 70% of our 80 designers are BIPOC and women. From upcycled blankets to leather suiting, hand-painted denim to genderless jewelry, every preference and perspective has a home with us. Our ever-evolving inventory represents the best of streewear's past, present, and future.

While fashion is one of the largest contributors to climate change, we're leading an industry shift from the ground up. Our designers showcase sustainability in many ways: using organic textiles, upcycling vintage materials, donating to social justice initiatives, or producing in small batches/made-to-order to eliminate waste. Our inventory proves that the key to making sustainability accessible is intersectionality— you don't need thousands of dollars, or lab-created biodynamic textiles, to reduce your clothing's carbon footprint. TRILL is leading a return to the innovation and individuality from which streetwear was born — a return to choosing intentional fashion, supporting independent artists, and dressing for no one but yourself. A return to true expression.

Welcome to the future of streetwear. We're glad you're here.