Boy Beater in Dawn

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Brand: C’s Atelier



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Product Fit: True to size



Product Description:
Boy Beaters are a part of the C’s Atelier ‘I S E E A N G E L S’ collection.
Hand crafted tank top using hand dyed technique (except for pure.) This piece features stainless steel hardware, hand painted lettering and patchwork. Each piece can be recreated but never duplicated. Boy Beaters are made to fit tight..

Materials: Tank Top Base and Patches- 100% cotton,
Hardware-100% stainless steel, Paint- Acrylic


Location: New York


Brand Description:
C's Atelier is a one-of-a-kind artisanal-streetwear brand with a mission to tell a story through the streets with tones of 70's punk culture. Each piece is handcrafted by Cay who is a NewYork based artist that uses clothing as her canvas. She pulls inspiration through the current-societal-climate and channels an underlying message in each piece she creates. Cay works with paints, embroidery, and hardware and is known to shock with the extreme balance of masculine and feminine.

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