Wearable Nostalgia: The Best Pieces of Halloween Pop Culture

Wearable Nostalgia: The Best Pieces of Halloween Pop Culture

For those who’ve graduated from the socially acceptable trick-or-treating age group, Halloween lives on through its endless vault of pop culture. Slasher classics, supernatural sequels, and hair-raising urban legends—although they’re not really limited to Halloween—become a full-blown experience once October rolls around. When you’re forced to step away from your Netflix roster of seasonal favorites, why not wear it? From childhood throwbacks to adult-only horrors, we’ve rounded up the most nostalgic drip from this season’s Halloween capsule.  

Cub Villain Mars Attacks Denim Jacket, $360

Although it comes in the most timeless denim silhouette, this wearable nod to Tim Burton’s 1996 cult classic is as detailed and eye-popping as the film itself. 

ReallyRatedR Scream Horror Pants, $140

No one does horror quite like ReallyRatedR (horror is literally its namesake, after all) and these pants are no exception, coated with the most recognizable villains of Halloween classics.  

TRILL Originals Uzumaki, $85

For horror culture die-hards, this greyscale crewneck pays homage to the untouchable Junji Ito’s one-season supernatural manga. 

Shadow Banned Scream Puffer, $195

This staple puffer is a who’s-who of spooky cinema, with each limb dedicated to the stars of classic Halloween flicks.  

Terror Tales Screams Shorts, $67

Not only are these shorts perhaps the most versatile of the bunch, but the mid-scream Marion Crane lookalike (pulled from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho) pays homage to the true roots of Halloween pop culture. 

Shadow Banned B4L Goosebumps Puffer, $195

If your horror cravings stem from nostalgia, slip on this neon-coated Goosebumps puffer and relish in the scary stories of years’ past. 

Balcony Goosebumps Shorts, $67

...And for the real R.L. Stine stans, why not make it a head-to-toe homage? 

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