The Only Knits You Need This Fall

It’s easy to sprint towards the long-abandoned puffers and chore coats when fall comes around, but nothing beats that first-knit feeling: when temperatures finally slip just enough to throw on a second layer. For a few precious weeks in fall, sweaters stand out on their own, uninterrupted by heavy jackets or chunky accessories. Read on for the freshest standout knits of the season, each one ready to serve as either a practical layer or head-turning centerpiece.  

Runge Faces Knit, $228
Runge Faces Knit

This two-faced crewneck remains Runge’s best-seller, and for good reason: not only is the Warhol-esque screen print an instant conversation starter, but it boasts a versatile beige and black colorway that will keep it on heavy repeat. 

Worship95 “Worship Baby Lamb” Hooded Sweatshirt, $320

Worship95 Worship Baby Lamb Hooded Sweatshirt

For those days spent hiding from the cold, bundled up inside with a blanket, why not just...wear the blanket? Worship95 tapped into this season’s tapestry trend by keeping the ancient knit as close to its roots as possible—from this hoodie’s biblical design to its fringe-trimmed hood.

Śilpa Horin Knit Jumper, $440

Silpa Horin Knit Jumper

Handmade in Britain with ultra-soft wool and a perfectly oversized fit, this Śilpa sweater is more of an heirloom than a seasonal impulse buy. With a classic print, abstract stitching, and neutral-but-not-really colorway, this crewneck is a timeless upgrade of its vintage ancestors. 

No.errors Rabbit Sweater, $125

No.errors Rabbit Sweater

The Atlanta-based No.errors specializes in basics that are anything but, and its seasonal sweater drop is no exception. A classic black knit with a jacquard rabbit design and white shoulder trim, this staple piece is practically made to be seriously layered.    

Melody Park Angel Hoodie, $195

Melody Park Angel Hoodie

Appeal to the higher powers with the heavy-duty comfort of this tapestry sweatshirt. Coated with angels and finished with a raw hem, this heavenly hoodie needs little else to turn heads. 

Eyecrave Cerberus Knitted Sweater, $130

Eyecrave Cerberus Sweater

Eyecrave’s Cerberus knit has been on constant restock since the brand’s inception—the crewneck’s oversized fit, loose knit, and perfectly thrashed raw hem has made it a staple of the brand’s Y2K-infused selection.  

Feelings City of God Sweater, $175

Feelings City of God Sweater

For the knit-seeking cinefiles, this Feelings crewneck immortalizes Zé Pequeno from the 2002 Brazilian crime film City of God. The semi-modern movie clashes with age-old tapestry knit, bringing maximum comfort and detail to the oversized staple. 

Abstractd Youth Knit Cardigan, $225

Abstractd Youth Knit Cardigan

A summer-fall transition is only as good as its best cardigan, and Abstractd Youth may have given us this year’s winner. The ribbed royal purple base is topped with a frayed logo patch and contrasting zippered pockets, providing a much-needed pop of color (or three) to bland fall ‘fits. 

Starving Specter Woven Tapestry Crewneck, $213

Starving Specter Woven Tapestry Crewneck

This meticulously stitched crewneck is practically a work of art—and, with durable tapestry knit and all-over print, it's more than ready to turn heads as an outfit’s centerpiece. 

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