The Loungewear You Need for an On-Theme, Quarantined Halloween

The Loungewear You Need for an On-Theme, Quarantined Halloween

It’s safe to say that Halloween looks a bit different this year. Practically all spooky-season activities have been wiped from the 2020 calendar—cancelling the plans of trick-or-treaters, party-hoppers, and haunted house junkies alike. Even if your current Halloween plans consist of a couch-bound movie marathon and shameless candy buffet, who says you can’t still dress up for the occasion? We rounded up the most comfortable (and on-theme) drip from our Halloween capsule, for perhaps the most chilled-out October 31st in history. 

Insomnia Visuals Rhinestone Scream Full Zip-Up Hoodie, $115

This instant-sellout is a cozy essential and easy costume all in one: for the occasional trick or treaters, just yank the zipper and let the screams commence. 

Nineteenth Letter Virus Shorts, $98

Why not call out to the real reason you’re at home on a Saturday-night-Halloween? 

House of Errors Temptation Hoodie, $395

Another instant-costume, and a comfy one at that—this reversed hoodie comes with a built-in angel and devil, and enough fleece to last you through at least one horror marathon. Nerv Joggers, $85

Keep the spooky vibes subtle with these retro-printed joggers, ideal for traveling from couch to bodega and back without skipping a beat. 

Nineteenth Letter Bandana Hoodie “Plaidana Patchwork” Red, $95

The versatility of this patchwork hoodie will keep you fitted and comfortable for seasons to come, although the striking red colorway is simply too good to pass up for a Halloween ‘fit. 

Balcony Screw Shorts, $67

Stray from the Halloween norm and pay homage to hip hop history, with the help of these Balcony shorts cloaked in DJ Screw’s iconic mixtape covers.  

Full Clip Global Nothing Left to Love Hoodie, $98

This oversized staple is a retro nod through and through: from the pop art-inspired print to the  old school horror graphic. 

Higashi 3500D Shorts, $102

Perhaps nothing is better for a night in than tapestry—with these skull-stitched shorts, you’re practically wearing a (Halloween-friendly) blanket. 

Insomnia Visuals School Girl Puffer, $125

Running out for a candy refill? Meeting your Postmate outside? Grabbing a takeout cocktail? For any of the wild outings this Halloween is sure to bring, don't step out without this double-take-worthy outer layer. 

Against the World Extended Cargo Sweatpants, $140

These jogger-style sweatpants are anything but basic, with an embroidered front logo and enough cargo pockets for a night’s worth of candy (maybe). 

Shop the full TRILL Halloween Capsule here. 

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