Hi Denim Season, Meet Your New Star Players

Hi Denim Season, Meet Your New Star Players

Fall may be celebrated as sweater weather, but the excitement of wearing real jeans for the first time in months is seriously underrated. A good pair of jeans is the base of your ‘fit—but with a little attention to detail, it can become the centerpiece. We rounded up some of the freshest fall denim to hit the site, just in time for this month’s slipping temperatures. 

ARTIXAN It’s Britney Bitch, $150

This pair doesn’t even need an explanation—if the thought of wearing a spray-painted, pop art, 2007-era Britney Spears does not make you immediately click “Add to Cart,” we need to talk. 

By Midas Iconics Denim, $399

This custom-made pair boasts some of the hip hop greats, collaging magazine covers and albums from the ‘90s bicoastal rap rivalry.

Almost Gods Foldover Jeans, $370

When it comes to simpler pieces, it’s all in the tailoring—this dark-wash pair features an asymmetrical waist and sneaky branding. 

Atelier New Regime Monogram Denim Jeans, $305

Thanks to a slight fade and bold font, these jeans make all-over print more approachable than ever. 

Shyne Studios Black Fang Denim Jeans, $160

The bedazzled fangs on Shyne’s not-so-basic jeans are definitely eye-grabbing, but also surprisingly versatile. 

Eyecrave Can You See Me Now Jeans, $110

Ditch the fall blues and reach for Eyecrave’s butter yellow denim instead, complete with a shimmering pair of eyes.   

La Maskarade Pattern Jeans, $135

Leopard print is practically a neutral, so these spotty La Maskarade jeans are ready to be put on heavy rotation. 

BLEACH Astroworld Denim, $199

What’s better than walking in Astroworld everywhere you go? Thanks to BLEACH’s hip hop-inspired masterpieces, La Flame is never out of reach.

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