11 Questions With Undergold

Simon Bermudez is running Colombia’s biggest streetwear brand—no, that’s not an exaggeration. Undergold has sent major waves through Colombia’s growing streetwear scene, through plenty of celebrity cameos and simply providing a high-quality lineup of unbasic essentials. Below, the 26-year old designer talks stardom, Eminem, and contributing to an increased consciousness.   

Where are you from, and where are you now? 

I’m from Colombia, and I’m still living here in Medellín.

What is your first memory with streetwear? 

MTV music videos! The first one that really influenced me, 20 years ago, was from Eminem’s album “Marshall Mathers LP 1.”

If you had to compress your personal style into one outfit, what would it be? 

All oversized, all custom pieces (jackets, cargo pants, denim jeans, sweater, crewneck, etc.).

When did you first feel inspired to create your own designs? 

I first felt inspired six years ago, thanks to rap videos, and then I started selling my designs through Instagram.

Describe your design aesthetic in one sentence, if you can.

Vintage, futuristic, style.

Where do you feel the most inspired? 

In my car, listening to all types of music, thinking about sketches and concepts.

Which living designer do you most admire? 

Kanye West

What’s your biggest creative or career milestone so far? 

I have a few: my brand’s show in Mexico Fashion Week, designing a T-shirt with J Balvin, and dressing a few iconic musicians like Murda Beatz and

How do you want people to feel when wearing your designs? 

I want them to feel confident in themselves, and that they look like a superstar

What would you most like to change about the current fashion industry? 

I want to evolve the fashion industry in a sustainable, eco-friendly direction, creating a movement that spreads consciousness within the younger generations.

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