11 Questions with ŚILPA

In Sanskritt, the name ŚILPA translates to “sculpture,” “statue,” or “work of art.” Myno Macheda doesn’t take that definition lightly, and it’s reflected in his rotation of handmade garments that could very well hang in a museum. ŚILPA’s Manchester-made array of un-basic essentials includes painterly trucker jackets, asymmetrical loungewear, and subtle graphics, all transformed with vintage-inspired twists. Below, the 25-year old designer talks art, inspiration (a.k.a. mom), and slowing down the fashion cycle. 

Where are you from, and where are you now? 

I’m from South Asia, but I'm currently living in Manchester in the UK. 

What is your first memory with streetwear? 

My first fashion memories were when I was very young, watching my mother hand make clothes for my older siblings and I. Growing up with a single mother who I was very close to, I picked up a lot of the things she’s done. She was very involved in textiles and slow craft, like fabric making. My love for fashion and design, and abstract art grew from an early age. I am always trying to bring fashion and art together.   

If you had to compress your personal style into one outfit, what would it be? 

Looking at my outfit as I answer this… I’m always mixing streetwear with a bit of a smart, cleaner feel. If it doesn't feel right—no matter how good it looks—it's not a good outfit to me. 

When did you first feel inspired to create your own designs? When did you first start selling them? 

I think it was when I started customising clothes for myself, because nothing really fit me and my height the way I wanted (I'm only 5’6). I always wanted to push fashion in the ways I imagined; most things don't excite me until I put my own touch on it. Then friends and family showed love to my pieces, made or customized, and started buying them from me. It all started slowly, but it was never for money. Creating makes me happy, with or without money. 

Describe your design aesthetic in one sentence, if you can.

Underrated, and I like it. 

Where do you feel the most inspired? 

When I’m half asleep, or most awake. 

Which living designer do you most admire? 

Firstly myself, and then Kim Jones. 

What’s your biggest creative or career milestone so far? 

Every time someone shows or tells me how much they love Śilpa.  

How do you want people to feel when wearing your designs? 

I want people to feel good, comfortable, confident, bold, and stand out in my pieces. 

What would you most like to change about the current fashion industry? 

I would like to slow it down, I think everything is too fast. We need to appreciate fashion more—one way to do that is to create timeless pieces, with stories behind them. As a designer, I always knew we had a huge contribution to the environment. I do my part by continuing to produce our products by hand, and sourcing a majority of materials locally in the UK.   

Shop SILPA on TRILL here. 

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