10 Un-Basic, Quarantine-Friendly Loungewear Essentials

Guilty Tracksuit

Almost five months after COVID-19 hit the United States in one fell swoop of the toilet paper aisle, social distancing and stay-at-home orders are still a reality for most of the country. While the days of carefully crafted, elaborate outfits seem like a distant memory, couch-compatible loungewear faces a demand like never before. With social events off the table, offices closed for the foreseeable future, and “seasonal dressing” blurred into an air-conditioned haze, how are streetwear lovers staying creative while staying comfortable? Read on for ten loungewear staples that are anything but boring, cozy enough for early classes or late grocery runs, and all available right here on TRILL.      

Beebosloth “Stay Positive” Hoodie, $75

Is there a better message to keep across your chest, deep into week ??? of pretending that DIY lattes or live-streamed DJ sets come anywhere near the real thing? Adorned with Beebosloth’s trademark skull illustration and gothic type, this staple is both a head-turner and a sartorial smile—despite what actual emotions lie beneath the fleece. 

Nineteenth Letter Jordan Shorts, $90

Although waist-up dressing is the new norm when it comes to Zoom meetings and online classes, these Michael Jordan-printed mesh shorts from Chicago’s Nineteenth Letter put bottoms firmly back on the map. Aside from the fact that the Bulls legend is literally dunking across your thighs, these 23-approved basketball shorts call for little else than a T-shirt to create an attention-grabbing fit. Waist-down dressing 2021? 

Midnight Rituals Awful Lavender Crewneck, $75

The holographic violet print of this candy-colored crewneck will shimmer, sparkle, and attract compliments even in the grainiest of webcams. Even if Midnight Rituals’ borderline-NSFW anime graphics aren’t enough to make this monochrome a must-have, what it lacks in classroom-appropriateness it makes up for in exclusivity—according to the brand, this capsule piece will never be restocked. 

SILPA Suryasta Sweatshirt, $357

Forget varsity hoodies and gym hand-me-downs, SILPA’s Suryasta hoodie throws a completely new silhouette into the loungewear rotation. Inspired by the wings of a Golden Birdwing butterfly, this hoodie’s asymmetrical cut and hand-distressed details are both deliciously minimal and anything but. 

Guilty Black Logo Tracksuit, $300 

No piece of athleticwear is as timeless and effortlessly cool as the tracksuit, and no one does the tracksuit quite like Guilty. Much like the LA-based brand itself, this set infuses the nostalgia of its ‘80s-inspired foundation with futuristic touches. From reflective stripes to modern type, Guilty’s tracksuit is both an instant outfit-maker and an Instagram-worthy nod to one of athleisure’s founding silhouettes. 

No.errors Bungee Sweatpants, $113

If anything has proven to be a comforting constant over the last few months, it’s grey sweatpants—the sartorial equivalent to quarantine comfort food. Considering No.errors’ commitment to unconventional basics, it’s no surprise that the Atlanta-based brand tackled the challenge of remixing everyone’s work-from-home favorite. These elasticized sweatpants feature bungee-ties on each leg, making the once-basic staple entirely customizable. 

Human Society Chase Your Dreams Tee, $67

At first glance, a white graphic tee may not seem very un-basic—but when was the last time you wore a T-shirt you were really excited about, instead of just grabbing the nearest clean-looking option? Enter Human Society, and their joy-sparking stock of glossy pastels. This T-shirt boasts hand-printed bubble letters, anime graphics, and an all-too-relevant reminder to keep hustling through the bad headlines. 

Whether your Tinder is getting too little activity these days or your Postmates is getting too much, this sherbet-hued hoodie won’t hesitate to get the message across. A standout from Valeza’s latest anime-inspired drop, this scene-stealer combines cheeky graphics with cotton candy tie dye for a statement piece that doesn’t need much else to turn heads.   

SHYNE STUDIOS Cozy Dice Slippers, $40

A favorite of hip hop tastemakers from Swae Lee to Rich the Kid for their graphic T-shirts and embellished jeans, Shyne Studios’ first foray into footwear comes through a collaboration with Davinci Slippers. The monochromatic die-printed pair may not be a total surrogate for street-hungry sneakerheads, but they keep the footwear game afloat without having to step outside. 

FRESCO Biker Shorts, $60

Once snubbed as a relic of Jazzercise past, biker shorts have spent the last few years proving that they’re here to stay—but the difference between gym laundry and drool-worthy is all in the details. With nothing but a logo waistband and single checkerboard-printed leg, Fresco transformed the essential into a sleek base layer for Netflix marathons or bodega runs alike. 

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